Innovative high-durability mussel farming rafts

Formex®Plus raft for mussel farming

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Flexible beaviour under wave conditions

Formex®Mixta raft Celtus, O Grove, Pontevedra. 2017

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Safer non-slip surfaces to prevent falls

Formex® Plus Raft Indarra. Mutriku. Gipuzkoa. 2016

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Customized Formex® structures

UHPC footbridge over the Oveja's ravine. Alicante. Spain. 2013

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Standard solutions up to 40 m of span length. High performance and minimum maintenance

Formex®Howe footbridge for Ribera del Xuquer Recycling, Guadassuar, Valencia. 2016

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Footbridges and overpasses over conventional roads and motorways

Formex®Howe footbridge over the V-21. Puçol, Valencia 2014

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 idifor: who we are?

IDIFOR precasts advanced concrete structures for different sectors with Formex®, a composite that significantly improves the properties of ordinary concrete, wood or steel.

Our products are made of Formex®, a cementitious matrix advanced composite. Its hight strength and durability properties provide high value compared to coventional materials, as steel, wood and ordinary concrete. Besides, being precast, it allows more slender, creative and texturized designs.



Weight reduction of 40-75%


Compresive strength 3 to 5 times higther


Two times longer lifetime even in agresive environments

 SELMUS project 

"The Formex® raft: Towards the revolution of the European mussel farming". This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. under grant agreement No SELMUS-738777

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